"JP"is a acronym made upfrom the pronunciation of this Chinese noun:"金牌"which means "gold medal". Onthe one hand, it represents our vision to become achampionin this industry.On the other hand, it represents our products, with golden quality and service, give the biggest confidenceguaranteeto our cooperative customers. Theidea of JP brand is to bring unexpected beauty to more customers, not only from appearance, but also including soul and life.


Over the past 30 years, we have been focusing on the field of human hair and providing products and services to over 100 thousand wholesalers. We are sticking to the JP management idea of professionality, concentrationand specialization. Every JP product is 100% human hair, which is a handcraft meticulouslymade by skilled craftsmen in this industry.We hope that our products will grow with every customer along the way, from young to old, and each of us is working hard to create the most natural beauty for every customer who uses JP products.

Fay Fang
Grace Mo
Silvia Xu
Henry Fong
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